Mary Kay Kohut and Dr. Wenke Hwang at APHA

caption: Mary Kay Kohut and Dr. Wenke Hwang From Penn State in the Delmarva Foundation PHC booth at APHA

Delmarva Foundation’s Population Health Center hosted more than 150 visitors from 41 states and four foreign countries at their booth at the annual American Public Health Association in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 16-19, 2014.

Delmarva showcased its Population Health Center’s BestCare Connector and Resource Access Card (RAC) services and forged new relationships with public health leaders across the country.

Barb Levin, Medical Director for the Population Health Center said, “Delmarva Foundation has developed several innovative products designed to assess the health and health resources of a community and identify potential solutions using state-of-the art data analytics and customized interventions. We were pleased to roll these out at APHA to make some important first contacts.”

Del Joiner and Mary Kay Kohut at APHA

caption: Del Joiner and Mary Kay Kohut, Delmarva Foundation President, prepare to greet guests at the PHC booth at APHA