Sustainable Person-Centered Practices

Once all the person-centered practices pieces are in place, our next training option helps build internal processes and procedures to help ensure sustainability of these newly learned valuable skills.

The customized Sustainable Person-Centered Practices offers an organization:

  • Customized technical assistance based upon the organization’s current implementation of person-centered practices
  • Sustainability to ensure these practices are implemented consistently
  • Systems to measure the quality of implementation.

This session is designed to support your organization with helping implement the new CMS rules and practices. This five day process will be tailored to your specific situation and provide customized training for your staff in the use of person centered practices and help your organization develop measures to determine your compliance with the rules or best practice in this area. This consultative and individualized approach will support your organization in maintaining a culture of person centeredness.

The 5-day curriculum includes the following onsite activities:

If you are interested in contacting Delmarva Foundation to learn more about these training sessions, please contact us at 1-866-755-3506.