Person-Centered Thinking Training

Person‐Centered Thinking Training (PCT), developed by The Learning Community (,provides the foundation for person‐centered practices and planning as well as the tools necessary to help support people use a person‐centered approach to service delivery.

The skills taught during PCT Training are organized into three categories and each includes specific tools used to collect information to support person centered planning and practices:

  1. Discovery/Listening Skills: Relationship Map, Routines & Rituals, Good Day/Bad Day, 2‐Minute Drill, Communication Chart, and Reputation.
  2. Everyday Learning Skills: Learning Logs, 4 plus 1, and Working/Not Working.
  3. Management Skills: the Donut and Staff Matching.

The following is a brief summary of the curriculum:

  • Day One: Participants receive an overview of the skills; learn the concepts of "Important To" and "Important For," and the importance of having a balance between them. Using various scenarios, participants work together in small groups to practice gathering Important To and Important For information. Another tool is also introduced which helps identify and clarify staff responsibilities when providing supports.
  • Day Two: Participants are supported in using the skills to write their own Person‐Centered Description with a partner. This enables each to act as both a Process and Content Expert. They are also supported in developing a 1‐page description for themselves.

If you are interested in contacting Delmarva Foundation to learn more about these training sessions, please contact us at 1-866-755-3506